T800 Grille surround mounting kit


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Kit contains :  16- M6x30mm  metric stainless bolts w/ mirror polished head

4- M6x40mm  metric stainless bolts w/mirror polished head

40- M6 stainless  flat washers

20- M6 stainless  lock washers

20-M6  stainless  nuts

(the 4 longer bolts are for the upper & lower outer corners)

Note:    Galling  -all stainless steel bolts are prone to galling which is where the nut during install will weld itself to the bolt and may even cause the bolt to break. Galling is caused by heat so the type of nut and speed of install (drill drivers ,air impacts) factor in. Lubricant on the threads will usually prevent galling but we recommend to use lock washers with regular stainless nuts to alleviate this problem.

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