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This is a complete take-out unit from a wrecked truck. This is a Peoplenet (Trimble Fleet Mobility) MS5 E-Log unit. This unit is in great shape, With all the required harnesses and cables for connecting into your system. You will need to have subscribed to the Peoplenet (Trimble Fleet Mobility) services to access the usage of this E-Log, As well as it will need to have a reset or flash done to refresh the unit for a new truck / Company.

Includes following : L019-0513 tablet , H053-0505 docking station , Peoplenet Mobile gateway (PMG) EE006-0530BD,

L016-0576 cable , L015-0561 cable, L016-0556 cable & one cable plugged into the PMG with no part


Note : Does not include the antenna

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